I have found that the movement of an artist's life is not a linear process, or one to be examined with simply a measurement of  achievements, but one to be studied from the perspective of the whole person; for the artist's life, when steeped in creativity, is often Art in and of itself. I say this not only because of my own history as an artist, but as an observer of creativity in others and my deep interest to help others to live their lives creatively. In the lives of many career artists, there comes a day when the artist eventually may go as far as to give up food in order to purchase art supplies. This is the day in which they make the decision to devote their lives to becoming the art.  I make art because I have to, and I strongly believe that as an artist, it is essential to evolution that a person immerse oneself and follow blindly in the great mystery of one’s own expression.

This being said, my intent as an artist is not purely selfish. The ambitions that drive my expression also have a great deal to do with sharing my understanding of the artistic life with others. In my daily life I am always seeking ways to help people to live a richer, more creative life. I notice I am always striving and hoping to inspire something in someone else. It brings me great pleasure to watch as a person opens their heart to a place in them that they may have not known existed. I have witnessed people's growth through their own creative process, and I have seen the immense possibilities unfold in their lives because of what was gained from the richness of feeling that inspiration in them selves and being able to share it with their friends and families. I believe that creativity, in whatever form, is essential for the wholeness of a person, and that it could possibly be the key to global wholeness and healing.

Thanks for popping in to my new blog and website!  ~Inger

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