Jeff Pevar & Inger Nova

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The 15-year original music duet of Inger Nova Jorgensen & Jeff Pevar has toured nationally and internationally including The Netherlands, Germany & Italy. 

They are currently finishing a record of their original music that they are intending to finish by the end of the year.

This duet has spurred several musical projects, including “Lovebite” & “Zepdrix”, as well as many musical collaborations over the years with artists from all over the world.




Photo By Mark Arinsberg

Inger’s project, LOVEBITE writes original music as well as covering obscure Funk, R&B, & Funk-Rock - soulful music. LOVEBITE's side project, ZEPDRIX plays the music of Led Zeppelin & Jimi Hendrix, tipping the hat to the iconic music, but adding their own twist.



New Bohemia Productions

New Bohemia Productions is a production company founded by Inger 10 years ago as she began to produce live music and art events out of her former Contemporary Art Gallery, Bohemia Gallery in Ashland.

Today, New Bohemia Productions produces a concert series at “The Stone House”, which also houses Jeff Pevar’s music production studio, where Inger contributes her vocals to a multitude of sessions for artists from all over the world.

The Stone House has a living room venue where a myriad of artists have adorned the stage next to and often in collaboration with, Inger & Jeff. Performances range from solo and duets to evenings with a full band.

To inquire about upcoming Stone House concerts and to join our mailing list, please send an email to

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