Winter/Spring 2016


DISSENT OF THE FORM Painting Series Since a very young age, the concept of form has been significant in my life (and in my work) while I have often longed to be free of it. Society at large is unrelentingly connected to outer appearance, and what shape things are supposed to take or to be. Admittedly, I have also been caught up in this illusion, simultaneously protesting the importance of it, and secretly practicing some of it’s many bad habits without hesitation. My paintings and sculpture have mostly been figurative or representational in some way, and I am fairly certain that this body of work is a step towards my personal resurrection out of attachment to form and my rebellion from it’s confines on many levels. The simplification of images, brushstrokes, color and line, as well as the directness of the painting style, have presented me with a glimpse into authentic expression without the imposition of creating “spiritual significance”, as in most of my past work. In my estimation, everything in existence has spiritual significance, and it is more about being present to the moment of creation, than about how much supposed meaning one has applied to a composition. This work is reminiscent of a wider stride towards exploring the freedom of being, and the detachment from the ideas of who or what we are supposed to be in accordance with societal pressures. These paintings may not be my answer, but while moving further away from representational objects, and away from the detailed presence of the human figure, I am being freed to allow something to emerge that I believe will not only evolve my painting and sculpture, but will translate into multiple aspects of my life.

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