Wind & The Element of Change. October 2017


I discovered that my involvement in the arts was not optional many years ago. The desire to harvest a burning idea has always been unrelenting. I have yet to find a respite from this changing, writhing beast we call art or expression, humbly in service to it’s whims through painting, sculpting, songwriting and singing.

The persistent thread in my own work is movement. It finds itself in foreground images such as the hair of a figure or trees, and in the background. I know that my muse will let me do nothing else. If I diverge I believe it secretly knows that I am not being authentic.

In movement there is change, ‘the only constant’ (Hericlitus). This amorphous concept is what I find emerging in my work, time and time again. In this collection it finds a more specific way to express itself – through the element of wind. In essence, every culture’s heart, mind and soul are metaphorically changing and expanding like the wind.

I find respite in knowing that our human collective will change and grow and my idealism believes that there it will eventually flourish. The great painter Georges Braque said, “Art is a wound turned to light”. My aim is to communicate something elemental so it may stir change - or even revelation.