April 2019 Bryant Street Gallery, Palo Alto CA

April 2019 Bronze Exhibition Artist Statement

 Figurative bronze sculptures are a moment frozen in time, yet these allegorical figures possess multidimensional and dreamlike elements. My wish is that the mystique of these pictorial descriptions be met with each person’s own awareness, eclipsing the bronze and it’s weighty, dense physicality.

I imagine the nuance of each sculpture evoking a subtle labyrinth of reflection, clothed in luminosity, and mythical allusion. The textures and complexity of the sculpture surfaces demonstrate landscapes of emotion, serving to arouse the senses, a poetic meditation of imagery representing spirit and transcendence.

The intricate weaving of sensuality and the feminine into these enigmatic archetypes has given me a way to articulate something of myself that cannot be expressed in words. I have personified subconscious concepts that may address the present day, and also some which may be timeless. These figures are a result of layered, collective experience that has surfaced in this unexpected storytelling medium.