Enclāve Studios & Galleries Spring Exhibition 2019

*The photo is from the opening night at Enclāve.

I have been traveling so much since the Palo Alto Exhibition that I did not have much time to create new works for the Spring show in Ashland, so I decided to try some paintings in Black & White. It was a shift for me and I enjoyed it immensely. I created seven paintings in just over two weeks, which kept the work fresh and alive as I had no time to overwork! I was inspired by some local landscapes, as well as some imagery I found during my travels. Black and White boils it right down to value and shape, but most of all feeling. I was moving so quickly that I did not really focus on trying to convey something in particular, but as I look back, these paintings are telling of my process and mood at the time (I would love to hear what you think!).

Travel is always stirs up new ideas, fits of emotion, inspiration & energy. I was able to visit some great works of art in the midwest. One of my favorite US museums is now the Minneapolis Institute of the Arts. I have been to The Walker Art Museum several times, so this time I thought that I would check out MIA, and had no idea how extensive and well-curated the museum was. If you have not been able to make it there, put this museum on your list if you have not been there!